It All Starts with a Breath

Last year, on our lovely planet, 91.3% of the population was breathing dirty air [1]. One group at a particularly high risk of detrimental consequences is babies.

According to State Of Global Air nearly half a million newborns died in 2019 due to air pollution exposure [2]. Even before babies are born they can be affected by the dangers lurking in the air [3].

It all starts with a breath, and we should make sure it’s a really good one.

Doing Something

We at BabyFriendlyAir can’t do much, but we can do something. We aim to spread awareness and do our best to provide people with useful and accurate information.

We also want to increase the interest in air quality in general. Not only because of the importance of it, but also because it is a fascinating and fun topic. We simply think that air pollution deserves a little more attention, especially since it is considered one of the top 10 threats to global health 2019 [4].

What to Expect

Stay tuned to find blog posts about all kinds of related topics, in particular:

  • Studies about air pollution and its impact on health
  • Interesting air purifiers and air purification technologies we stumbled upon
  • Air purifier and air quality monitor/sensor reviews and tests
  • Improving air quality on a budget
  • Geeky posts about experiments, possibly involving some programming code examples (DIY)

The style of blog posts falls somewhere between a blog and academic literature. We take pride in always including relevant references. But we attempt to make our blog posts a bit personal and fun to read too.

A little tip

Do you know how the air quality is where you are right now? Do you know the impact of air pollution in your area? Or are you perhaps one of the lucky 8.7% that are not exposed to air pollution over WHO limits? We recommend you to check out The website allows you to enter a city and see the annual PM2.5 exposure, as well as some consequences it has. It is backed by, among others, the World Health Organization (WHO).

Caution and Disclaimer

Finally, I’d like to mention that we behind are not professionals in air quality, air purification or anything related. This is a hobby and passion. We should not be seen as an authority, and we’ll do our best to always present sources for any information we share, so that you can assess its accuracy yourself.

You use any information we post anywhere on (including this page for instance) at your own risk, and even if we do the best to ensure its accuracy, we make no warranties in any way.


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